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The Last 100 Years of Hairstyles

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

1910's and 1920's

The 1900’s, known as the romantic era, had seen many men with long scruffy hair, chops and beards with little styling or products used. Although when the war years approached men began to sport shorter and more maintainable hairstyles. This was swiftly followed by Hollywood, as popular celebrities began slicking the hair back, parting it in the middle or side. Mustaches were also very popular during these decades but were short in length and easy to manage.

Rudolph Valentino, Sharp Slick Back.

1930's and 1940's

Although it began to gain popularity in the 1920’s, the crew cut, was seen throughout the 30’s. Predominately found in ivy league colleges, the crew cut was a short back and sides with length on the top, cut even to look as if it was flat. This hairstyle was picked up by the military during the second world war as it had great cooling effects in hot weather. This military crew cut remained in fashion through the entire 1940’s.

The slick back also remained in fashion throughout these decades however with the addition of a small pompadour. Which became the grass roots to the iconic 1950’s haircut. . .

Clark Gable, Slick and Short Pompadour

1950's and 1960's

The 1950’s saw a new hairstyle introduced into popular men’s hair culture, the pompadour, specifically the long pompadour. The most famous “pomp” wearing celebrity, was the hip-thrusting, avant-garde Elvis Presley. The style saw an exceptional amount of top length, which would be kept messy for informal occasions and slicked back for formal occasions. This required products with incredibly strong holding power.

The 1960’s brought to light the mop top, a haircut revered by many Beatles fanatics. The mop-top was a fringe that caressed the eyebrows at the front and ran around to sit with the collar at the back. A style that has yet to become popular again.

Elvis Presely, Long Pompadour.

1970's and 1980's

Crew cuts and conservative haircuts waned in popularity as hairstyles continued to follow the trend of the past 20 years and continue to be worn longer. Hair went from collar length, to shoulder length and longer. It was with good reason that this decade quickly became known as the “overgrown decade”. Mustaches had a large appearance during the 1970’s.

Flat top crew cut was the most popular cut crew cut in during the 1980’s.

Bon Jovi, Layered Haircut.

1990's and 2000's

The 90's was ruled by the short-banged Caesar look, it took a textured version of the short back and sides which worked with styling wax or clay. Texturing displayed the movement of men’s hairdressing, as hairdressing techniques such as bleaching the hair became fashionable among the younger populous. The 2000's continued with short and textured hair, with a lot of experimental haircuts being created in this decade.

George Clooney, Short Banged Caesar.

2010's and on-ward

Fades have become the trend of the decade, they are used on almost every haircut to give a modern twist on popular haircuts from the past. Pompadours hold length on top but now have a skin fade as well. Undercuts have a similar effect, and textured hairstyles blending in a sharp fade with a highly styled haircut.

Chris Hemsworth, Textured Top and Fade.

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